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Welcome to Bartender's Companion

View the welcome video


Introduction to Bartender's Companion

Navigation basics

Introduction to searches

Use favorites to flag your recipes

Customize the application layout

Customize application views

Use display options to customize fonts, colors and sizes


Recipe Management

Bartender's Companion's exceptional recipe management tools and powerful database technology let you manage thousands of recipes in a single collection.

View recipes

Add a simple recipe

Add a more complex recipe

Powerful searches

Copy recipes from any web site

Scale a recipe

Convert recipe units

Recipe reviews

Import recipes

Export recipes

E-mail recipes

Customize recipe layout

Customize recipe fonts and formatting



Bartender's Companions's powerful nutrition calculator can calculate the nutrition of any recipe.

Ingredient nutrition

Recipe nutrition



Bartender's Companion's ingredient database includes more than 6,000 ingredients. Each ingredient has detailed nutrition information from the USDA nutrient database.

View ingredients

Add your own ingredients

Search for ingredients


Reference Library

Bartender's Companion includes hundreds of bar techniques and bartending terms.

View a technique

View a glossary item

Add your own techniques

Add your own glossary items



Bartender's Companion lets you create shopping lists with just a few clicks of the mouse. Add entire recipes or individual ingredients. Ingredients that you have on hand can be automatically removed from the shopping list.

View a grocery list

Create a grocery list

Add a recipe to a grocery list

Manage your bar inventory



Bartender's Companion has many features and tools that make managing a recipe database easier.

Database backup

Unit converter

Web site database

Display options


Advanced Topics

Advanced searches

Introduction to filters

Create your own display option themes

Backup your database

Restore your database from a backup file

Compact the database


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