Waring PBB25 Professional Bar Blender
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Bandleader and inventor Fred Waring introduced the first blender in 1936; more than 60 years later the Waring blender remains the standard for the field. With this stainless-steel, black bar blender, the company has captured perfectly the sleek, modern look of its first models. The perfect cocktail party appliance, it doesn't just look good but has a strong, efficient (though slightly noisy) motor that zips through ice and frozen strawberries. The metal keeps drinks cold longer, too. The blade is nondetachable, so you never need to worry about the seal deteriorating. The stainless-steel container is also perfect for a classic diner-style milkshake.

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Pedrini Stainless Steel Shaker

Essential bar gear for classic "shaken" cocktails

Brushed finish and modern, streamlined design

Stainless-steel construction

Dishwasher-safe, but hand washing is recommended

Five-year warranty

Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew with Foilcutter

There are hundreds of different corkscrews, but none matches the extraordinary Rabbit. With 31 different moving parts, this modern, black wine opener is an engineering feat built for speed. But ordinary enophiles don't need to understand the mechanics to appreciate the pulling power of this little bunny. It overpowers the most stubborn, dried-out natural corks and synthetic closures with a user-friendly design. Close the "ears" over the neck of the bottle, and then raise and lower the lever just once. Lickety-split, the opener removes and ejects the cork without any effort on your part. This high-tech tool comes with a handy foilcutter and comes in an attractive padded gift case.

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Gift Pack

Wine should breathe a little, but not overnight. Putting an end to the oxidation process, which turns a favorite Merlot into vinegar, is easy with the Vacu Vin Wine Saver. Made from high-quality rubber, which will not affect the taste of the wine, the Wine Saver uses a vacuum-style pump to release air to keep a wine fresh. And it's easy to use--just place a stopper in a bottle's neck, place the pump over the stopper, and pump air out until some resistance is felt. This process is suitable for preserving all but sparkling wines, and will save Chiantis, Syrahs, and others for up to two weeks.

Martini (Set of 4)

Shaken, not stirred. As if sipping a martini weren't hip enough, Furio presents the 9-1/4-oz. Z-stem Martini glass. The top of the glass has a classic and traditional design, but halfway down the stem, a "Z" pattern gives the glass a unique twist. Set of 4. Dishwasher safe. Made in USA.

Metrokane Manual Ice Crusher, Chrome 7106

Hand-cranked crusher produces coarse or fine crushed ice

Cool '50s retro design Heavy-duty chrome-on-metal top

Chromed bottom holds 1 quart of crushed ice

Lifetime warranty on moving parts

Vacu Vin Concerto 3-Piece Wine Saver Set

Sturdy, handsome, and many times worth its weight in Burgundy, this wine-saver set preserves opened bottles of wine for up to two weeks. (It won't work with sparkling wines or soft drinks, however.) A simple and ingenious pump fits onto one of the two bottle stoppers that come with the set and pumps the air from a bottle through the stopper, which then seals the resulting vacuum. For precision, the pump clicks when the correct vacuum level has been attained. With no oxygen inside the bottle to turn wine vinegary it stays fresh until the stopper is removed. The matte-black pump and gray stoppers fit onto a stable, shiny black storage base and look elegant as a top hat on the bar. The pump is 6 inches high and the base is 4-1/2 inches wide.

Waring PBB25 Professional Bar Blender

32-ounce stainless-steel container holds two tall blender drinks

Powerful 390-watt motor crushes ice fast

Heavy-duty black baked-enamel base with chrome accents

High and low speeds; whips, mixes, chops, purιes, liquefies

Libbey Cancun Margarita 7-Piece Set

Ideal for serving margaritas; use also for other cold drinks

Set consists of 96-ounce pitcher and six 9-ounce stemmed glasses

Glasses have wide brims for applying salt

Medium-thick, clear glass permits drink colors to shine


Riedel Vinum Extreme Cabernet Sauvignon/Bordeaux/Merlot Wine Glass, Set of 4

Made in Austria by the world's most renowned wine-glass maker Riedel Crystal, founded in 1756, the four large glasses in this set are ideal for Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and full-bodied red Bordeaux wines like Cabernet Franc. The glasses are from Riedel's Vinum Extreme series, which are distinguished by their bowls' dramatically flared diamond shape. The glasses provide an exceptionally wide evaporation surface, thereby intensifying wines' bouquet and silky texture. The glasses are machine-blown of 24 percent lead crystal and conform to Riedel's exacting standards: colorless, transparent, and thin-walled, with lips cut and polished so wine flows smoothly onto the tongue. These glasses are 9-3/4 inches high and hold 30-3/8 ounces.

Jubilee Acrylic Martini Picks, Set of 6

A martini wouldn't be a martini without an olive garnish--and what better way to pick the olive than with an acrylic pick that sports a mini martini glass with its own olive! The little plastic cocktail sits atop the pick, giving the stick both balance and aesthetic appeal. The pick is just the right length for stirring and rests neatly in the glass for all to see. And for those who don't care for olives, there's finally a perfect cover-up.


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